November 27, 2023

Five drinks businesses can prepare with wholesale coffee capsules

Wholesale coffee capsules give businesses the flexibility to offer their guests and customers high-quality espresso-style coffee at the touch of a button. However, modern consumer demands change all the time.

Today, businesses need to meet these demands and provide innovation, convenience and speed. So, how can your hotel, restaurant or café make the most of wholesale coffee capsules?

It’s simple. With wholesale coffee capsules, you can create a wide variety of espresso-based drinks. Read on to learn about five delicious drinks that will wow customers and satisfy their evolving expectations.

A Nespresso original line coffee brewer brews a wholesale coffee capsule.

What are wholesale coffee capsules?

Before we look at these drink recipes, let's explore what wholesale coffee capsules are. A coffee capsule is a single-serve coffee format that brews espresso-style coffee. We manufacture them on a wholesale basis.

This gives restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses the option to offer convenient single-serve coffee to customers and guests. Furthermore, it’s incredibly useful for coffee roasters who already sell their own blends, but want to offer them as coffee capsules.

Some manufacturers make them from plastic or aluminum. Here at Metropolis, we make plant-based commercially compostable espresso capsules that are compatible with Nespresso original line brewers. We currently offer four award-winning blends:

Each wholesale coffee capsule generally contains between 5g and 7g of finely ground coffee. Metropolis Coffee Founder, Tony Dreyfuss, explains that we use an optical grind analyzer to make sure the size, array and shape of the grind is perfect for the job.

One end of the capsule is solid, while we seal the other end with airtight film. 

“The capsule will be sealed in such a way to prevent more oxygen from getting in,” Tony explains. “In a way, it's like a time capsule for coffee freshness.”

When you insert a capsule into a Nespresso original line brewer, it breaks the solid end and forces hot water inside. The water mixes with the coffee grounds, extracting various aroma and flavor compounds. 

Then, once enough pressure builds up, it breaks the seal. A pressure valve controls the flow of coffee into your cup, and you’re left with rich, espresso-style coffee characterized by a layer of rich crema.

What else can you make with espresso capsules?

Using a bit of creativity, you can use espresso as a base for countless hot and cold drinks. Your business can do the same with espresso capsules – without needing expensive equipment and special skills. 

Some coffee capsule machines froth milk, creating cappuccinos and lattes. Others allow you to set the volume of the drink, ranging from short ristrettos to long lungos.

Likewise, cold coffee is more popular than ever. You can brew espresso capsules over ice to create iced coffee, or you can blend the mixture to make frappes. However, you can’t brew anything until you choose the right coffee for your customers.

Tony says hotels and offices can start by choosing coffees that are people-pleasers. 

“For that reason, we recommend a medium to medium-dark roast with approachable flavors like chocolate, nuts, lemon or caramel,” he explains. “Too light or too dark, and you risk alienating a large portion of your clients or workers. Also, these flavors will go well with or without milk.”

But what about cold coffee?

“I think that Spice Island is the perfect Metropolis coffee capsule for iced drinks,” Tony says. “It has a lot of body that will do well when diluted with ice or milk.”

The espresso martini, an example of an innovative coffee cocktail.

Five drinks businesses can prepare with coffee capsules

Now that we know what wholesale espresso capsules are, let’s take a look at five drinks hospitality businesses can prepare with them:


The Iced Latte

  • Add ice and ¾ cup of milk to a glass. 
  • Brew two coffee capsules and add the espresso-style coffee to the glass. 
  • Optional: add a syrup or sweetener of your choice. 

The Cortado

A cortado is a small drink containing equal parts espresso and steamed (not frothed) milk. 

  • Brew two coffee capsules
  • Combine with an equal amount of steamed milk or dairy alternative
  • Add a few ice cubes 

When it comes to these classic espresso-based drinks, Tony recommends using Metropolis Redline Espresso or La Cordillera.

Shake things up

Next, let’s explore some of Tony’s more creative options:

The Espresso Martini

This caffeinated cocktail is popular at cafés and international coffee competitions alike. 

  • Brew two coffee capsules
  • Combine with 60 ml vodka
  • Add 20 ml syrup of your choice

It's a smooth and bold combo. Try it with our Spice Island wholesale coffee capsules.

The Espresso Tonic

This non-alcoholic coffee cocktail is so popular that it’s now commonly available in canned ready-to-drink (RTD) formats.

  • Brew two coffee capsules
  • Add to a glass of tonic water and ice cubes
  • Add an optional lemon twist or lime wedge if you like. 

The Shooter

Tony’s signature drink is an intense morning pick-me-up. 

  • Brew one coffee capsule
  • Add ½ tsp raw sugar and stir. 
  • Next, add 1 oz of cold cream and a single ice cube. 

“I make this for my daughter every day before she catches the bus for school,” Tony says. “It’s meant to be downed as fast as a shot of tequila.”

Here's one more bonus recipe. Is it a drink or a dessert? Who cares – people love this Italian classic.

The Affogato

No complex techniques are needed for this Italian icon. It’s a punchy contrast of both flavor and temperature.

  • Brew one coffee capsule
  • Pour it over vanilla ice cream
Wholesale coffee capsules and water bottles alongside a coffee machine.

Metropolis Coffee wholesale espresso capsules for businesses

The recipes above demonstrate just how versatile wholesale coffee capsules are. Using them as inspiration, businesses can take advantage of single-serve coffee formats like wholesale coffee capsules to meet consumer expectations. 

Even without milk or other additives, they brew high-quality coffee in seconds. In fact, pure espresso is Tony’s personal favorite. 

But what about businesses that want to offer their own coffee capsules? After spending years perfecting how we manufacture Metropolis wholesale coffee capsules, we now offer two bespoke services.

Private label and co packing coffee capsule services

First, there’s our private label coffee capsule service. We work with your team to design a signature blend for your business, before filling, sealing, and flushing the capsules for maximum freshness.

Some businesses already have great coffee and simply want to package it in coffee capsules. Through our co-packing service, we take your beans and handle all the capsule nitty gritty – before sending you ready-to-brew espresso capsules adorned with your very own branding.

We can also secure organic and Fair Trade certifications for your wholesale coffee capsules.

“Consider a commercially compostable capsule, rather than aluminum or plastic,” Tony suggests. “These certifications don't necessarily make the capsule more expensive and show – rather than tell – your guests and employees that you care.”

At the end of the day, Tony explains that sourcing bespoke wholesale coffee capsules is a great way to show off your brand and values – and differentiate your business from the competition.

Interested in learning more? Check out our wholesale co-packing and private-label espresso capsule solutions today.

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