May 03, 2024

How to source the best decaf wholesale coffee capsules

Approximately 29% of Americans drink decaffeinated coffee. It’s quickly becoming a more popular option, too – the decaf market is growing exponentially across the country. But as this demand grows, decaf drinkers are expecting better quality than ever before.

In line with this, some coffee brands have launched decaf wholesale coffee capsules. These allow businesses to quickly brew decaf espresso-style coffee without compromising on quality.

For hospitality businesses, choosing the best decaf wholesale coffee capsules is essential to capitalize on this growth and ensure customers stay happy in the long run.

Read on to learn more about how coffee is decaffeinated and where to find the best decaf wholesale coffee capsules.

Coffee being prepared for wholesale coffee capsules

How is coffee decaffeinated?

Before we look at decaf wholesale coffee capsules, let’s break down how coffee is decaffeinated.

First, it’s important to clarify that decaffeination has to take place before the coffee is roasted. Decaffeination was originally developed more than 100 years ago by German coffee trader Ludwig Roselius. His original method involved steaming green coffee in brine and using benzene to remove the caffeine.

However, since then, several new decaffeination methods have emerged to retain more flavor in decaf coffee – leading to a better-quality flavor profile when it’s brewed.

Methylene chloride (MC) decaffeination works much like Roselius’ original idea. The coffee is either soaked in or steamed with water mixed with MC. This draws the caffeine out of the bean and into the water mixture, thus decaffeinating the coffee.

There is also the Swiss Water method, where green coffee is soaked in a mixture of water and something called Green Coffee Extract (GCE). During the soaking process, the caffeine is absorbed by the compounds in the GCE – leaving just 0.01% in the beans.

Now we know how coffee is decaffeinated – why should you source decaf capsules for your business rather than as whole bean or instant?

Wholesale coffee capsules being packaged

What are the advantages of using decaf wholesale coffee capsules?

Decaf wholesale coffee capsules can give your guests better quality than many traditional alternatives, and they are quick and simple to use. This saves your team time and effort, leaving them to focus on what really matters: providing great customer service to your guests.

So, what are the main advantages to buying your decaf in capsule form?


Historically, decaf coffee hasn’t had the best reputation for quality in the coffee industry. But with demand growing, many brands are starting to offer better blends – including in capsule form.

For example, at Metropolis, we offer our Decaf Redline: the same great flavor profile of our flagship espresso blend with none of the caffeine.

Our capsules are also prepared with commercially compostable plant-based sustainable shells – which are hermetically sealed for freshness and allow you to reduce your business’ waste.


Wholesale coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso original line brewers, which make preparing high-quality decaf easy. They’re simple to use – you just place a capsule in the machine, press a button, and watch espresso-style coffee pour out of the spout into your cup.

These capsules are significantly quicker to brew than drip coffee, and the machines are much simpler to clean and maintain than drip coffee makers or espresso machines.


The incredible versatility of wholesale coffee capsules enables you to brew a broad range of different espresso-style decaf drinks.

Once you brew your shot, it can be enjoyed on its own, used as the base of a cappuccino or latte, or mixed with ice to create a number of cold coffee drinks. You can also use it to prepare cocktails, such as an espresso martini.

If you’re relying on a drip coffee machine, you don’t get anywhere near the same level of versatility. By using capsules, you can offer a versatile range of drinks without investing in an espresso machine.


Even if you don’t anticipate many decaf drinkers at your business, it’s important that you keep them happy when they do walk through your door. Capsules are the perfect way to do this – they stay fresh for longer than whole bean coffee, which means they can still be delicious for anywhere up to two years.

This is because most wholesale coffee capsules – such as ours at Metropolis – are nitro-flushed and hermetically sealed, which keeps them fresh for 12 to 24 months. This is in contrast to whole bean coffee, which begins to turn stale just a few weeks after roasting. By using capsules, you can guarantee that you’ll always have great-tasting decaf for customers whenever they need it.

Now you know all about why to source your decaf coffee in capsule form – but where do you source capsules?

Metropolis decaf wholesale coffee capsules

Metropolis wholesale coffee capsules

At Metropolis, we offer our flagship espresso blend in decaf form. Our Decaf Redline is one of our best-selling coffees both as whole bean and capsules.

It has the same classic flavor as our standard Redline: notes of caramel, toasted almonds, and sweet cherries with a mellow aftertaste.

However, if you want a decaf wholesale coffee capsule made just for your business, we can handle that, too. With our private label service, we can prepare a signature decaf blend based on your specifications.

Alternatively, if you have a decaf coffee you’ve already sourced and just want it available in quality capsules, we also offer a co-packing service.

All of our capsules are packed in our certified SQF facility which means we hold a top certification required to sell to the largest retailers and hospitality brands in the US.

Looking for decaf coffee capsules for your business? Want to learn more? Find out more about our wholesale, co-packing, and private label espresso capsules today.


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