February 08, 2019

Single Origin Release: Andrés Giraldo

Andrés Giraldo is a small farm coffee producer from the Urrao region of Antioquia, Colombia. For most of his life, Andrés worked as a picker on various farms throughout the region before buying his own two hectare parcel at the age of 30. Working with his father-in-law Herlindo Sepulveda and other small farms in the region, Andrés produces award-winning microlots while also contributing to collective lots of some of the best coffees grown in the region. Andrés’ coffee is 100% Caturra Chiroso, a rare variety originating from the Urrao region. Caturra Chiroso is characterized by its elongated cherry and higher productivity in addition to its floral and fruity flavor notes.

View from Finca El Silencio