June 18, 2019

Single Origin Release: Costa Rica Perla Negra 2019

Coffees from Las Lajas have been a staple in our annual single-origin lineup for almost 7 years. Las Lajas is located outside the town of Sabanilla in central Costa Rica. The owners, Francisca and Oscar Chacón, are third generation coffee producers known for their attention to detail in every step of production, most notably, their processing procedures. The 38 hectares of land are split into several sections that each have unique microclimates, and the coffees from each section are processed differently. This variance in processing creates noticeably different flavor profiles in the end product. The natural processing of the Perla Negra means the coffee cherry is dried directly in the sun for 10 days, then placed in bags for 2-3 days before finishing on raised drying beds. In the past, we’ve purchased various types of coffee from Las Lajas but the Perla Negra has always been the show-stopper. This year’s lot boasts loud berry and cream notes up front before calming with a rich, buttery finish.