March 15, 2019

Single Origin Release: Peru José Herrera

With excellent growing conditions and a prevalence of sought-after varietals like Typica, Bourbon, and Caturra, Peru is poised to produce large volumes of high-quality coffee the likes of its powerhouse producers to the north and east, Colombia and Brazil. This lot was sourced through Lima Coffees in northern Peru’s Jaén Province. Lima Coffees is a young exporting company working to identify high-scoring coffees from producers in the region and get those lots sold on their own at a high premium for the producer. Producers deliver dried coffee parchment to Lima Coffee’s warehouse and are paid a base price per kg. Their coffees are evaluated and, based on quality, will either be lumped together with other similar profiles for export, or, for exceptionally high-scoring lots such as this one, sold on their own. The producers are then given a second premium payment based on how well their coffees scored. José Herrera is one of the founding members of Lima Coffees and his exceptional coffees are proof that identifying and sorting out small lots is well worth the painstaking effort. We’re excited to bring José’s coffee back to our lineup for the third year in a row.