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Product specially designed to remove oils, stains and residue from your carafe and brew basket.


Special formula removes milk crust, residue and build-up from your frother or steam wand.


Like an exfoliant cleanser for the groups on your espresso machine. Scrubs oils and residue.
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Wear your love for Metropolis Coffee with pride! And bring a range of our products and merchandise made especially for coffee lovers home.

Do you love coffee as much as we do? Yes? Why don’t you get your favorite coffeeapparel from Metropolis Coffee?

We have three categories of merchandise available. 

  • Artwork
  • Apparels
  • Drinkware

Our Logo T-Shirt

While excavating below Granville Cafe in 2003, we found this intriguing logo, sketched onto an old, weathered piece of parchment. “Eureka” we screamed! We just had to transfer the image onto everything from bags to boxes to T-Shirts and more. Nearly 20 years later, we’re still beating that same dead horse. 

Life At The Roasterie Poster

Since 2003 Jay has drawn and printed 10 limited edition posters for Metropolis. His latest series is a diptych (that means two parts - we had to look it up too). One poster for our cafe and another for our roasterie. In this roasterie print, Jay captures artisans' commitment in overalls, smiling at each other as they work, and vintage German roasting equipment. Get this seven-screen piece ofartwork, signed and numbered, while supplies last.