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Kalita 102 Ceramic Dripper

Iconic ceramic pourover dripper by Kalita uses a patented 3-hole design for more even extraction.

Life at the Cafe Poster

“Life at the Cafe” by Chicago artist, Jay Ryan. 7 screens. 18”x 24”. Limited, signed and numbered.


Product specially designed to remove oils, stains and residue from your carafe and brew basket.

Kalita 102 Filters

Decorative plaid box of 40 Kalita 102 Filters. Designed exclusively for the Kalita 102 pourover dripper.

"Full of Beans" Onesie

Punk babies wear black onesies with funny sayings like this. Why black? Hides vomit. 6mo size.

American Press

The American Press is like its French cousin, only better, because of the 100-micron steel filter.


Like an exfoliant cleanser for the groups on your espresso machine. Scrubs oils and residue.

Pallo Coffeetool

Convenient multi-tool for scrubbing espresso machine group gaskets and poking steam wand tips.


Special formula removes milk crust, residue and build-up from your frother or steam wand.