About Metropolis

Father-son coffee scholars Jeff and Tony Dreyfuss founded Metropolis Coffee Company in Chicago, IL in December 2003. We are still family-owned and proud to call Chicago home to this day.

Jeff (the father) was a somewhat disgruntled Indonesian Language Professor at the University of Washington-Seattle in the late 90s. Naturally an early-riser, he would be the first customer at his local coffee shop every day. This particular café was roasting in the back, and naturally curious Jeff started asking questions. After a year or so, he found himself doing something like an informal apprenticeship, learning about sourcing, roasting, and cupping coffees.

Tony (the son) completed a Philosophy degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1998. While in school, he drove taxi and would drink coffee all night to stay awake. After a couple of mind blowing cups of coffee he started thinking about working at a café, or maybe even opening his own one day. He ended up at Peet’s Coffee and Tea for a little while before one day accepting an invitation to join his dad at Coffee Fest in Seattle. This invitation would change everything.

Legend has it, Jeff & Tony got into an espresso drinking competition, got super amped, and found themselves in front of a booth for a roaster manufacturer. Buzzing from their sheer love of great coffee, and about a baker’s dozen double shots, they purchased a 12kg roaster on the spot with no idea where they were going to put it.

And so, Metropolis Coffee Company was born.

Fast forward to present day. We now find ourselves in an 18,000ft2 roasterie in Avondale. We still own and operate the Edgewater café where Jeff & Tony first started roasting on that little 12kg roaster, and we’re predominantly a Wholesale business. Born out of demand, you’ll find our coffee at hundreds of partner cafes, restaurants, hotels, offices, and just about anywhere great coffee is served. Our base is in Chicagoland but our partners reach all over the US and Canada. Visit our Coffee Finder to find Metropolis near you.