February 07, 2019

Great Coffee for Everyone!

Coffeehouses are seen differently by everyone. You might feel inclined to define a coffeehouse by what it serves. A latte, an espresso, a frappe, a smoothie, a cup of tea, or a cup of coffee all go a long way to define the values of its shop, be it specialty, commodity, or otherwise. You might go so far as to define a coffeehouse by its aesthetic. A fireside armchair on the second story of a tranquil coffeehouse means something completely different than a stool and counter under the bright florescent lights of a modern coffee boutique. You might even buy your coffee in a drive-through. 

But what about the people?

In early 2017 Metropolis Coffee Company joined the burgeoning Sanctuary Restaurant movement, whose motto is ‘a place at the table for everyone.’ Since the beginning, Metropolis has firmly believed in the power our customers have to make their own definition, no matter the race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Diversity and democracy are at the core of who we are. Beyond any cup we serve you and beyond the environment we serve it in, what we serve is still from a person to a person. So no matter your definition of us, at the end of the day the people in our shop define the space. As per our philosophy,

“Metropolis will truly be a coffee house when you have more to say about what goes on here than we do.”

So take a moment to meet some of those faces that make our space what it is today. The customers, the baristas, the owners, and everyone in between all have a story to tell an a place to call their own.