February 07, 2019

Single Origin Release: Colombia Caicedo

This coffee was produced in the Caicedo region of Antioquia, Colombia as a collaborative effort between 20-30 farmers. Though the region is renowned for its agriculture, it suffers from lack of infrastructure due to its remoteness and drug trade related violence that ensued throughout the 1990’s. In an effort to rebuild, farmers formed co-ops and teamed up with more established coffee producers and exporters in nearby areas to improve the quality of their coffees and gain access to markets that would otherwise not be available to them. In conjunction with Santa Barbera Estates, Pergamino Coffee Exporters, and Mercanta Coffee Hunters, the farmers from Caicedo were able to not only distance themselves from the drug trade by growing coffee, but have also been successful in improving the quality of their coffee to specialty standards. In doing so, Caicedo has produced many great flavor profiles from their blends to their microlots, making them successful coffee producers and providers for the communities that depend on them.